Things We Like

(Mostly) Locally Sourced Music


These sweet tunes were recorded live at various venues. They are here for your listening pleasure to stream or download free of charge. 

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Where We Live


Grizzly Country  is a great local documentary about this place we call home.

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Great Food and Live Music


Pine Creek Lodge in Paradise Valley is our favorite local venue! Located just 15 miles south of Livingston they are the real  deal!

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Soup, Sammys and Sweets


Our friends around the corner at The Soup Bar really know how to cook up a great lunch! They have great non-typical food selections made with the best ingredients. Gyros, Falafels, Meatball Hoagies and Pirogies! The Moon River Cake Shop is the sweetest place in town! 

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Guided Tours of Yellowstone!


Yellowstone Guidelines is one of the best tour companies out there! They provide wildlife, geology, hiking and backpacking tours in the first national park!

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